Why to chose Sonakshi for your child health?

Your child is the gem of your life. Sonakshi children hospital is the gem of hisar city. We are the most reliable Children's hospital in the region when it comes to treating any pediatric diseases. With a well-advanced medical science approach & experienced pediatric doctors, we dedicatedly work towards supporting the well-being of your precious little ones. Our entire medical staffs here are well-trained to handle any pediatric emergency that comes up.

Pediatric diseases or child health issues are something which should not be neglected. Usually found Child diseases like fever, common cold, constipation needs to be treated immediately before it leads to major illnesses.

When it comes to child healthcare facilities, Sonakshi is proud to be well-equipped with proper infrastructure & an experienced medical staff for handling any kind of pediatric emergency treatments. As a child care hospital, we can be trusted for your kids' health & well-being.

Common problems in children (what is the problem with your child)

Common conditions treated and services available at sonakshi are:

  • • My child having cough, cold and fever
  • • Asthma and allergy in children
  • • Repeated cough and cold in children
  • • Skin infections
  • • My child is having constipation for a long time
  • • My child suffering from diarrhea
  • • My child has been diagnosed as cardiac disease
  • • My child is having hernia
  • • My child is having difficulty in learning and school performance
  • • My child is not growing properly
  • • My child needs surgery (All Pediatric surgeries major and minor conducted)
  • • Immunization (direct to immunization schedule page )

A vaccination calendar is given to parents for the immunization schedule from birth up to age 16. We are the only hospital in India to maintain electronic records of the batch numbers of vaccines given to ensure traceability in times of need. Our hospital upholds the “cold chain” system that maintains optimal conditions during the transport, storage, and handling of vaccines, starting at the manufacturer and ending with the administration of the vaccine to the baby. Regular reminders/alerts are sent through SMS or by email to help with the follow-up.