Department of intensive care (NICU & PICU)

Department for Neonatal intensive care unit

We have started an ultra-modern NICU and PICU with all facilities required to run a tertiary level ICU under the able guidance of Dr Harsh bhayana. It will be one of its kinds in this region.

Salient features of our NICU

  • 1. Widely spaced 16 bedded NICU with spacing as per NNF standards to prevent cross infection
  • 2. High end monitoring including facilities for EtCO2, Invasive blood pressure monitoring, Inhouse ABG,
  • 3. In house bedside ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY for deciding shock management
  • 4. Dedicated neonatal ventilators from world reknowned brands including Hamilton and SLE
  • 5. High frequency ventilators for extremely sick babies
  • 6. Separate sectioned rooms for ventilated and non-ventilated babies.
  • 7. Facility of bedside Peritoneal Dialysis under the guidance of pediatric nephrologist
  • 8. Facilities of hemodialysis
  • 9. Facilities of bedside head USG
  • 10. Incubators for very tiny babies

Dr incharge: Dr Pankaj makkar

Department of pediatric intensive care unit

Salient features of PICU

  • 1. One of few dedicated Pediatric ICU
  • 2. Dedicated pediatric ventilator
  • 3. High end monitoring including IBP and EtCO2
  • 4. Dedicated hemodialysis unit by pediatric nephrologist
  • 5. Bedside ECHO and USG facilities
  • 6. 1:1 Nurse-bed ration in PICU

Dr incharge: Dr parveen thakur

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