Department of child rehabilitation

Disability is a huge curse in our society for the parents and the children. Till now it was believed that nothing can be do ne for these children; but we are here to change this belief. This is the most challenging task we have undertaken and aim to take it head on. Many therapists from different streams are needed to work for long duration to achieve the results in this field. We have made a beginning in this field and will be working as a team

Salient features

  • 1. Run by a team of doctors including Pediatrician; pediatric orthopedician; pediatric surgeon; Occupational therapist; child psychologist and speech therapist
  • 2. Region standalone centre for this kind old services
  • 3. Special discount and NGO help for poor children
  • 4. Inhouse facilities for BOTOX and Cerebral palsy surgeries
  • 5. We are doing OAE routinely and BERA on appointment basis.
  • 6. Child psychology is other neglected area where Miss Bharti (MSc child psychology) will be helping us on every Wednesday and Fridays. She will be doing assessment and treatment of school failure cases, behavioral issues like autism, ADHD etc., and sessions for mentally retarded children.

Dr Incharge: Dr harsh Bhayana

Unique facilities available at our centre

  • 1. Pediatric echocardiography and fecilitation for timely cardiac surgery if needed
  • 2. Pediatric flexible and rigid bronchoscopy
  • 3. Pediatric GI endoscopy
  • 4. Fecilitation and Tie up for HIDA scan; EC scan and other nuclear medicine
  • 5. Free transfusion services for thalassemia babies
  • 6. All blood investigation including genetic analysis
  • 7. Liver biopsy for infants also

Child Rehabilitation Gallery