Thanks so much Janice! Absolutely delicious! I assume it won’t be ask crispy but I have never used seitan before. Made seitan from scratch for the first time ever today, then used your Mongolian sauce recipe. It’s good, so go with that if you can find it! Stir in the beef and cook to medium-rare, stirring constantly, about 3 minutes. Glad it was a hit! Thank you for this! In a pinch, I used soy curls and doubled the recipe. April 17, 2020 by Lisa Le 24 Comments. ½ tbs grated ginger. This vegan mongolian beef will store in the fridge for up to 4 days. Add your soy curls to boiling water and simmer on a medium-low heat for 10 minutes. Stir cornstarch and chilled water together in a small cup. Heat up a wok with 1 tablespoon of oil over medium-high heat and stir-fry the marinated vegan beef. If you want to reduce or cut down on the oil, you can do that, but I'd suggest skipping the cornstarch and simply pan-searing the seitan. Thanks Roxanne!! This sounds delicious, I can’t wait to try it. And because it roasted, I tasted the sauce…inhaled the unbelievable aromas and much cried…because I knew my relationship with Mongolian Beef was over. CRISPY-NESS: With this method of browning the seitan, the end result after adding the sauce isn't super crispy. It’s … Reduce the heat to medium-low, and let simmer until the coconut sugar is dissolved and slightly reduced, about 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Aug 31, 2018 - Pan-fried to a crisp and drenched in a sweet, savory, sticky sauce, this vegan Mongolian beef is better than takeout, and just about as easy. Sep 13, 2019 - Pan-fried to a crisp and drenched in a sweet, savory, sticky sauce, this vegan Mongolian beef is better than takeout, and just about as easy. Thanks! Make the sauce by stirring soy sauce, sugar and 1/4 cup of water or broth together in a small bowl. We added the broccoli in when we combined the seitan and the sauce. I used store-bought seitan (Sweet Earth classic) and steamed some broccoli on the side. It’s not quite a classic meatloaf. Glad you enjoyed it! Once you get past making the seitan it’s too simple to pass up. If Asian-inspired recipes aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – I have more seitan recipes coming soon too! Sticky Mongolian “Beef” & Broccoli Once in a while theres just nothing better than a big fat bowl of Chinese food and a night in front of the tv. I’ll spare you the gory details other than a quick warning and review… stay away from! :). Coat the bottom of a large skillet with oil and place over medium-high heat. Think steamed broccoli with crisp and juicy soy curls smothered in a dark, sweet and salty garlic sauce. If you’re using tofu we have a tutorial for making excellent crispy tofu that you can use as a beef substitute. Reduce heat to medium-low, and add a splash of oil if skillet is dry. Sometimes, after a long weekend, it takes me a bit to get my bearings. These Mexican inspired dish is super simple to make and super delicious! A perfect balance of sweet and savory, Mongolian beef blends popular regional ingredients to create one of Asia’s boldest, most unique flavor profiles. Flip a few times to coat, and cook just until sauce becomes very thick, about 2 minutes. Stir the stir-fry sauce and add sauce and scallions to skillet. This was outstanding! Options! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 297k members in the veganrecipes community. This was my first time using seitan and I’m so pleased. Absolutely delicious! Glad you liked it! I will make this again. If you're using no oil whatsoever, stir the garlic and ginger right into the sauce, so they don't burn.Maple syrup or agave can be used in place of granulated sugar, though the flavor will be a bit milder and the sauce might not thicken up quite as much. Thank you for a delicious vegan meal. Serve immediately. I’d just make sure to press the tofu first, dice it and then cook it for a few minutes on each side. an article that might have some helpful info on how to work arrowroot into this recipe. Yield: 4 … Yield: 4 … Ummm, this is amazing! This hearty vegan meatloaf is made from a base of seasoned chickpeas, baked up to perfection and topped with a flavorful maple glaze. Nice recipe but I recommend skipping the cornstarch as it will make the sauce gelatinous and gross. 2 cloves garlic, minced. Sauté 2 minutes, until very fragrant and chilies begin to darken a bit. This vegan mongolian beef uses soy curls to mimic the unctuous crisp and chewy texture of the original dish but has the same sticky sweet and savoury sauce! Thanks so much Gabrielle! Gonna make this….tomorrow!!! This vegan mongolian beef will store in the fridge for up to 4 days. I added some kale & onions to mine for an additional nutritional boost. My only wish was that there was a bit more sauce to coat the rice noodles but this was so incredibly yummy. Thanks Karen! What a … What a lot of work this is! Frankly, I’m a terrible cook but even I could pull this one off as it’s so easy. Over high heat, add vegetable oil to a large sautee pan or wok. Mongolian beef does not originate from Mongolia nor does it have anything to do with Mongolia. Glorious. I love ❤️ this recipe! Many many thanks! Its way too strong a taste . Thanks Wendy! Chang's Mongolian Beef. April 17, 2020 by Lisa Le 24 Comments. I skipped putting in the cornflour as there was enough cornflour residue on the seitan after drying to thicken the sauce already. INGREDIENTS: 8 oz package soy curls. *If your sauce is too thin add a 1 tbsp more corn starch, if the sauce is too thick add more water until you reach your desired consistency. I'm a former attorney turned professional food blogger. Made extra sauce and put it over whole wheat spaghetti noodle as that was all I had. I may have missed something. Add the soy sauce and coconut sugar and stir well. Remove seitan from skillet and transfer to a paper-towel lined plate. Your email address will not be published. Quick and easy. By Helyn Dunn. Awesome recipe! Sometimes, after a long weekend, it takes me a bit to get my bearings. Glad you enjoyed it! Hi, I just was wondering how long I could keep the sauce mixture in the fridge. Is that the only issue? It might help if you cook and store the seitan and sauce separately. Did this today and it was delicious! They should! I literally just finished preparing this and it was absolutely delicious – thank you so much. The sauce will be too salty. The sauce came out awesome – really thick and tasty. Filed Under: Entrees Tagged With: Asian, chinese, entree, seitan. What liquid am I draining the seitan from? (or use store-bought seitan), cut into 1-inch pieces. I can’t wait to try it. Do I have to do anything differently if using tofu instead of seitan? Yum! Cover baking pan with oil so soy curls do not stick to it. Aug 21, 2020 - Vegan Mongolian Beef - Vegetarian RecipesVegan Mongolian beef from scratch with a recipe for beef seitan thrown in. VEGAN MONGOLIAN BEEF Serves 8 Ingredients Oil (vegetable or olive) 1/2 teaspoon ginger, minced 4 cloves garlic, finely minced 1/2 cup soy sauce (low sodium is best) or Coconut Aminos 1/4 cup water 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1 bag VeriSoy Vegan Beef Slice 1/3 cup potato or cornstarch 1 large onion sliced thinly… LOW-SODIUM SOY SAUCE: I strongly recommend against using full-sodium soy sauce. By Helyn Dunn. Thanks Alissa for the recipe! I used about 2 tbsp of sugar instead and it turned out great! Is there a brand of seitan you would recomend if going the store bought route? Subscribe for email updates and receive a free copy of my veggie burger e-book! Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and keep simmering gently until ready to add to the seitan. I’m not sure, as I haven’t tried this with arrowroot, but I think it would work. Oh. Heat the vegetable oil in a small saucepan over medium heat. It's 100% meat-free, it's super simple to make and super delicious! This Mongolian “Beef” will make you swoon! If you can, throw it in a pan with a little bit of soy sauce to loosen it up again before eating. I’m going to try it this week with soy curls. Oh, I look forward to trying it. Awesome! It can get a little soggy when it sits in the sauce – pretty much the same as any Chinese takeout dish that’s fried and in sauce. Loved,loved, loved this recipe! I’m always tempted to go with tofu, and I usually find that readers are more receptive to tofu recipes, but seitan makes such a wickedly amazing stand-in for beef that I just couldn’t help myself for once. I made this for dinner this week and it was very good! It's super delicious and 100% vegan. I love your recipe! I’d love to hear how it turns out if you try! I’ve been meaning to make this again with some broccoli myself. It's 100% meat-free, it's super simple to make and super delicious! Try Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Whew. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2013-2020 Tofu Press LLC and Alissa Saenz. Sticky Mongolian “Beef” & Broccoli Once in a while theres just nothing better than a big fat bowl of Chinese food and a night in front of the tv. Let the curls soak for 10 minutes. Your email address will not be published. It was a hit at my book club, and hardly anyone could tell that it was vegan. Yay! Greetings, lovlies. In fact, I’ve included a bunch of notes in the recipe for swapping out the seitan, sweetener, or avoiding the oil. What a lot of work this is! Nuff said. This vegan mongolian beef uses soy curls to mimic the unctuous crisp and chewy texture of the original dish but has the same sticky sweet and savoury sauce! All of our recipes are oil free and vegan. So glad you enjoyed it! Drain the seitan and discard liquid. OMG!!!! The only changes I made was adding a little amount of sugar free rice vinegar to the sauce and I use brown rice syrup in place of the sugar…I love your recipes, very creative and delicious!! Mongolian ‘Beef’ [Vegan] 3.1K Views 4 years ago. I usually rinse them with cold water then wring them out with my hands. The tofu may soak up some of the sauce. LAST UPDATED: June 14, 2019 • FIRST PUBLISHED: July 5, 2016. Continue to stir until the sauce comes to a boil and thickens. My grandson loved it! Once the vegan beef has cooked down and seared off a bit on it's sides. Make sure the beef is dry. Also, I switched the dried chillies by some grains of sezchuan dried pepper: it gave it a lot of flavor! We took those ingredients and added our own plant-based spin, blending our Awesome Grounds with snap peas, water chestnuts and green onions, in a traditional ginger soy sauce with a slight kick. Seitan makes the perfect replacement for this dish. ¾ cup hoisin sauce. Place cornstarch … I made a double portion a nd wish I’d made more! INGREDIENTS: For the Sauce 2 tbsp. That just happens to be what it is called in America. I love creating vegan recipes with bold flavors! With my homemade seitan method you’d proceed until step 4 of simmering the gluten in broth. Divide noodles or rice onto plates and top with seitan. It looks like it’s screaming for broccoli and red pepper. Sign up for email updates and receive a free copy of my veggie burger e-book! I made the homemade seitan from the recipe you provided. It says “serve immediately”. :). Please read the sticky thread before … Since we are now in Lent this is the vegan version of mongolian beef. The only seitan I ever tried was the chicken-style and I did not like it. You can read more about me here. This take-out recipe is incredibly delicious, easy, and quick to make. Stir the stir-fry sauce and add sauce and scallions to skillet. I want to try this with soy curls from I’m excited to try this recipe but I was also hoping to be able to make it and take for lunches. Thank you for sharing. Delicious :). Thanks. turbinado, coconut or organic brown sugar all work. And I totally encourage you to change it (or any of my recipes) to suit your tastes. This does look tasty but i am wondering about the lack of vegetables in it. Whew. I’ve been loving soy curls lately and meaning to try this recipe with them myself. I’m so glad to hear it was a hit! I will absolutely keep them coming! I’m glad you like it! This is the best damn Chinese food I’ve ever made… let alone vegan Chinese. The cornstarch forms a crispy coating on the seitan, so you won’t get that, and it helps thicken the sauce. Amazing!! Great dinner. You can enjoy it alone or with your favorite dish! Needless to say this will become a family favorite! First time ever cooking with seitan…and loved it. I’ve been experimenting with vital wheat gluten and most of the recipes I’ve tried have been disappointing, but this recipe was perfect in every way. If you love PF Chang's Mongolian Beef, you'll love this vegan version. Raise the heat to medium and stir in the vegan beef bullion cube, brown sugar, red pepper flakes and garlic. I actually cooked like crazy over the long weekend (and had fun doing it), but now, I just want something easy. Omg-this was so delicious!! So now I have 2 new amazing recipes. Vegan Mongolian Beef with Soy Curls. Also, I have a big family, so this recipe makes a lot of food. This Chinese take-out recipe is straightforward and quick to prepare! Omg that’s so funny, I found this site by craving beef and broccoli too . I had never eaten Mongolian beef as I was raised a vegetarian, but my omnivore hubby said it tasted just like it! Other Healthy Vegan Recipes You Might Like. At all. Can you please help me find it? So good that when I went to eat the leftover it was already eaten ! This vegan hot chocolate is rich, decadent, and guaranteed to warm you up this winter. Vegan Mongolian beef is made by pan-frying pieces of seitan until they’re lightly crisped, and then simmering them in a sticky, sweet and spicy sauce. Yay! Thank you for this great dish. I've tried multiple items and eventually will try everything on the menu probably haha. Drain all of the liquid from the soy curls and add them to … (1) Gluten Free Low Sugar Nut Free. I made it on the saucy side so that I could steam some extra veggies to toss together with the mock beef. So yummy one of the best dishes I have made. Glad everyone enjoyed it! Also, it’s extremely delicious, which is also definitely nice to have during a discombobulated post-holiday week. Start by cutting your beef into thin strips. This vegan mongolian beef uses soy curls to mimic the unctuous crisp and chewy texture of the original dish but has the same sticky sweet and savoury sauce! Your email address will not be published. In another large bowl, whisk flour and starch. Because I know this blog sees vegans that follow all kinds of eating patterns:br]If you avoid gluten, sub gluten-free tamari for the soy sauce, and some cubed pan-fried tofu cooked according to [this method. Thank you! Immediately add garlic, cook and stir in the hot oil until fragrant, about 15 seconds. Most brands are packed in broth – that’s what you’ll drain. Greetings, lovlies. Vegan Mongolian Beef. Drain off excess oil. Was craving beef with broccoli and this seitan substitute hit the spot. Broccoli sound like it would be perfect with this! Enjoy! Lower heat to medium. Absolutely fantastic! So easy and delicious! After three days off I’m back to work and asking myself how I ever managed to get anything done. If you can't get low-sodium soy sauce then dilute 1/4 of the soy sauce with water. What a … Have you bought seitan before? I made the seitan following your other recipe and it cooked up deliciously in this sauce. Hands down 1 of the easiest and the most delicious recipes I’ve tried on Pinterest. Delicious! I used an air fryer for the Seitan and I cut the sugar down to 1/3 cup.. Next time, I will cut the soy sauce a bit. Cook garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes until fragrant, 1 minute. Let me know if it doesn’t – happy to help! Yay! Keep the recipes coming! Vegan Mongolian Beef. Is there a substitute for soy sauce? * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. By Helyn Dunn. There are only a few types of 'fake' meat I've really enjoyed since going vegan, and I've actually become quite fond of veggie balls, patties and burgers made with beans, spices and veggies rather than faux meat. It’s sticky, sweet, savory, chewy, and slightly crunchy. I also used 1/2 brown rice and 1/2 sauted cauliflower rice. Thanks for this yummy-looking recipe! Make sure the beef is dry. This vegan Mongolian beef and broccoli should one hundred percent be on your list of recipes to make this week! My kids were obsessed!! Add seitan in as even a layer as possible. Hallelujah for small miracles! With a few pantry items, you can have many different Chinese food recipes whenever you want, it doesn't take much effort and has a … We had lunch with Julie & Jay Hasson at Kung Pow, a new Chinese restaurant in northwest Portland. If you love Chinese takeout, you will love this take on P.F. Delicious! Sometimes, after a long weekend, it takes me a bit to get my bearings. I am 79 and just starting to try vegan recipes and wonder if tempah can be substituted for saitan. I didnt have tomato paste but it came out perfect anyway. here came to find out whether any recipe which is similar to bengali hotchpotch exists in central asia as i am a food critic. Enjoy! December 2, 2020. Remove from the heat and serve hot, with rice and/or vegetables of choice, and garnished with sesame seeds and scallions if desired. In a large skillet coated with olive oil, start to sauté the seitan. Yay!! Used a different seitan recipe but the sauce was great! This will be a standby n we hv seitan in freezer. The flavors were perfect and I loved the seitan in it. Set aside. Even the 2 year old liked it! We made two changes. Delicious!!!! I also used the same seitan as you, the West Soy seitan strips.. I hope that makes sense. I used braggs amino instead of the soy sauce. Sometimes, after a long weekend, it takes me a bit to get my bearings. :). soy sauce 2 tbsp. Next time will double for sure. As stated, better than takeout. Just add some kitchen bouquet browning sauce or a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses for the beef color. I’m gonna cook this again and double the sauce and add steamed broccoli. This fantastic dish consist of corn tortillas which are stuffed with black beans and spinach smothered in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with cilantro, tahini and scallions. So I’m wondering if I don’t cook, then batter, then cook if it will taste too much like dough and have a dough texture? Yup, that’s the only issue! I know I’ve been away for a while. Vegan Mongolian Beef A delicious vegan dish made of pan-fried seitan strips with a sweet, spicy and savory sauce. My family even awarded me an honorary Michelin star for making this dinner! Filed Under: Dinner Tagged With: Asian-inspired, meat analogues, nut-free, quick, refined sugar-free. Sep 16, 2019 - Pan-fried to a crisp and drenched in a sweet, savory, sticky sauce, this vegan Mongolian beef is better than takeout, and just about as easy. We loved this dish! Perfect for takeout made in your kitchen with a … For the “beef”: 1 bag soy curls or 1.5 lbs of seitan. For the "Beef": 1 Tbsp fresh ginger, minced 3 large garlic cloves, minced 2 Tbsp oil (canola, olive, or coconut) 5-6 large portobello mushrooms* 1 bunch green onions, sliced small That’s so awesome to hear! This was delicious! I poured it over both the seitan and broccoli for an easy, go-to meal! It was my FIRST seitan attempt (homemade seitan) and your recipe did not disappoint. Coat the beef pieces in the flour mixture (1 peice at a time) and set aside. Hi, I'm Alissa! 138 votes, 11 comments. Kept everything else the same . These vegan sausage rolls are little pockets of deliciousness! Just needed to add more water to the sauce. Start by cutting your beef into thin strips. I went with seitan for the vegan “beef” in this one. An awesome recipe all around. Add the seitan and cook, stirring frequently, for about 4-5 minutes or until slightly browned and crisped around the edges. How does the cold water + cornstarch return to the recipe? INGREDIENTS: For the Sauce 2 tbsp. You are my hero. I added raw cashews for sweetness and celery seeds for an immune boost. Made with a savory spiced mix of lentils and walnuts wrapped in flaky puff pastry. I will make it again. Awesome flavors and just delish. Flip and cook 4-5 minutes more, until strips are crispy on opposite sides. Add the seitan and cook, stirring frequently, for about 4-5... Reduce the heat to … Stir to coat all of the seitan pieces, and continue cooking until the sauce has adhered to the seitan. I’m glad you liked it!! I usually use WestSoy because that’s what my supermarket carries. PF Chang’s Vegan Mongolian “Beef” A few months past i used to be designing on creating my Skinny PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef for dinner for the hubs. This is a take on the classic Mongolian beef and broccoli. Prepare the beef. Unfortunately, at the moment, there isn’t a whole lot of vegan takeout in the immediate vicinity. It was the first time I made homemade seitan (used your recipe) and and made this. Perfect for takeout made in your kitchen with a … While the process of seitan can seem overwhelming it is actually very easy to make. But regular Seitan is a great substitute for beef and this recipe is spectacular. I make it for veg and non-veg people, and everyone agrees it's fantastic.