rate of tax on petrol and diesel. Canteen Staff nexus with unauthorised civilians to get Canteen items and rampant misuse by entitled Servicemen and Vetrans is easy to spot in any Canteen. Based on the above calculation, the Liquor Price in CSD Canteen is 46% of its cost in Market. This also becomes 46.5% of its Market Cost. The approval by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has been welcomed by defence civilian pensioners … (3) Whereas, the Army Unit Canteens deposit the Excise Duty in the form of Additional Assessment Fees and 50% Additional Retail Excise Duty to Canteen Store Department depots, at the time of purchase of liquor from CSD trade depots and then CSI) depots deposit the … (IV)Remote Locality Allowance with certain restrictions. No carryover of liquor quota will be permitted. (VI)House Rent Allowance in Modified Field Areas in certain conditions. NEW DELHI: In a huge relief to lakhs of defence civilian pensioners, the government has sanctioned opening up defence canteen facilities across the country for them. home » liquor » premium whisky MAQINTOSH PREMIUM WHISKY MONOCARTON (79209) View Price & More » CSD URC and Depot. Maximum of 34 CSD Depot located in different locations across the world. Department of Canteen Stores (CSD) selling thousands of subsidy-rate items to Army personnel through Unit Run Canteen (URC Canteen). Defence Civilian employees are also provided Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facilities. (III)Special Duty Allowance in the North Eastern Region. Canteen stores of Indian Army provide all stuffs that are available in market. (amendment of rule 2, rule 14,rule 17,rule 26, rule 29, form 61 and insertion of new rules 17a & 17b. appointment of taxation authority. It is available in the CSD Canteen for Rs 605. This formula has been developed considering the Liquor Prices in Chandigarh. (V)House Rent Allowance in Field Areas in certain conditions. Below is the complete Liquor … CSD Canteen Online Token Booking 2020-21 , State Wise Appointment, Price List, Fauji Canteen Token Online, Today with the help of this article I would like you tell about the CSD canteen Online booking for 2020-21.As we know that the Department of the Ministry of Defence have their own canteen … Issue of liquor by depots and sale by canteens will be subjected to label registrations by … assam value added tax (second amendment) rules, 2009. The sanction allows them to use defence canteens to purchase grocery items. NEW DELHI: In a major blow to companies ranging from FMCG and liquor to consumer durables and footwear, the government-controlled Canteen Stores Department (CSD), which operates canteens for … “Due to disruption and limited supply chain, canteen managements may further regulate the sale of items (including liquor) based on stock available. However, they would not be able to buy liquor. Liquor sadly is a very profitable transact-able item, so are Refrigerators, Washing m/cs, Air Conditioners etc.It is indeed a sad state. You had to earn the badge to have a glimpse of canteen. A week ago, the cash-strapped Devendra Fadnavis government quietly increased excise duty on liquor imported or transported for the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), meant for consumption by … regarding tax payable by the canteen stores department (csd), government of india.